About Us



a  t  e  e  s  ®  stands for all those creative, loving souls out there...

Standing out in the crowd...

Writing their own paths...

Whether it's about your
style of clothing, music, art, sports, ...
"It's all about having the most fun,
while becoming the best version of yourself."
We are a limited edition
streetwear brand.
Only 80 pieces per design are available.
All pieces are uniquely numbered
from 1 to 80.
Once a design is completely sold out,
 we draw random numbers,
so you can win extra prices and deals.

Why '80 ?!

First of all,  the number 8 always had a special meaning in my life. For all sorts of personal reasons, which you might find out later. But the most important reason is the birthday of my mother. She was born on the 8th day of the 8th month.

The number 8 is also the most beautiful , symmetrical number there is. For me it stands for peace , balance and love . Jing and Yang.

So as a kid, born in the late '80, I always had my own vision on things. I didn't want to go with the mainstream crowd.  So I started to wear old school clothes from my dads old closet , just so I knew I was the only one wearing it.

Then 15 years later, I went to San Sebastian with a couple of friends during a surf trip. Wandering through this magical city, I saw a very beautiful pocket tee. One of my favorite things to wear. So I bought it and came up with the idea of creating these exclusive tees for other people, with the number 8 as the common thread of the brand,  and suddenly the name "atees" popped in my mind. The letter A standing for the city of Antwerp where I live.

And so  a t e e s  '80  was born !

° Not Your Ordinary Streetwear °

by Michiel Vets


"Never take yourself too seriously"